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Outreach and Citizenship

History of Position of Student Outreach Coordinator

The position of the Student Outreach Coordinator (SOC) was created in 1993 to ensure that UTS continued to be accessible to students of all financial, cultural, and religious backgrounds. The SOCs accomplished this by liaising with alumni, parents, students, and the outside community.

Today the SOCs have broadened their role beyond that of attracting students from diverse backgrounds. The SOCs ensure that the UTS community is well represented to the public, partner organizations, and prospective families, and ensure that students are actively engaged in this process. In addition, the SOCs help run and organize student-run programs such as tutoring and mentoring. In doing so, the SOCs are able to foster leadership roles in the student body as well as enhance the student experience.

What do the SOCs do?

The SOCs help organize:

  • Open House, Entrance Exams, and the Alumni Dinner each year in conjunction with the Director of Admissions
  • An annual UTS charity program, where all student-raised proceeds are donated to charity
  • The in-school tutoring program, where students help their peers while earning volunteer hours for their work
  • The mentoring program, where UTS students mentor Grade 4-6 students at neighbouring schools
  • The Social Issues Council, which works to encourage and maintain action and awareness of environmental issues and sustainability among students
  • The Student Ambassadors Council, which assists the SOCs in their duties by helping organize events such as Open House and Entrance Exams, as well as lead tours for new students


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