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The UTS Library Information Centre

The primary mandates of the UTS Library Information Centre are to teach effective information literacy skills and the fundamentals of scholarly research; and to provide students with resources for curricular as well as personal enrichment. By providing a well-balanced collection of print, non-print and electronic resources, as well as a comprehensive library program, the UTS Library supports and reflects UTS’ Vision and Mission.

Full Access to University of Toronto Libraries

In addition to the school library, all UTS students have the same level of access as a university undergraduate to the resources offered by University of Toronto Libraries (UTL), one of the largest and most renowned university library groups in the world. This includes access to over 60 libraries throughout the three University of Toronto (U of T) campuses and to more than 5,000 electronic resources.


The UTS Library Information Centre is approximately 3,000 square feet in size and can comfortably allow two classes to work simultaneously. The Library’s collection has over 10,000 titles, including fiction and non-fiction, reference, periodicals, French, German, and Spanish language titles, and Classics. UTS' special collections reflect the diverse intellectual and personal interests of UTS’ students. These collections include current affairs, DVD’s, French fiction, manga (Japanese comics), and science fiction and fantasy.

Within the library, students have access to wireless laptop computers, desktop computers, laser printers, a scanner, and a photocopier.

Library Program and Activities

UTS Library program encourages and teaches independent research skills in all grades, and teaches students how to use the resources at U of T effectively and efficiently. The teacher librarian works closely with subject teachers to plan and deliver training in all aspects of scholarly research.

The UTS Library also hosts several extracurricular activities including a black and white film club, book clubs, and the UTS Library Council. Made up of staff and students, the Council acts in an advisory role to collection development, school initiatives, and policy development. It ensures the UTS Library collection and program continue to meet the needs of UTS’ unique students and curriculum.

Questions? Please contact us either at utslibrary@utschools.ca or 416-978-6246.


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