UTS Education

About Our Academic Program

UTS seeks to provide an environment for academically bright, high-achieving students to realize their potential through intellectual, aesthetic and physical development.

The school endeavours to foster a sense of personal worth and social commitment through experiences which enhance the growth and development of our students.

UTS remains strongly committed to the liberal arts and sciences curriculum which provides the opportunity for, and expectations of, an expanded and enriched program. Thus, individual fast-tracking and early course specialization are not compatible with our philosophy.

The UTS 6-year program has the following grade nomenclature:

Foundation 1
Foundation 2
= Grade 7
= Grade 8
Bracket Core academic generalist program
Middle 3
Middle 4
= Grade 9
= Grade 10
Bracket Expanded generalist program with some special electives
Senior 5
Senior 6
= Grade 11
= Grade 12
Bracket Specializations, concentrated studies, and Advanced Placement courses

The curriculum features:

  • an evolution in the learning process from the concrete to abstract and from skill building to specialization
  • a provision for special courses to enrich the program
  • an availability of University Preparation courses in more than one year
  • a community service program
  • an extensive extra curricular program: athletic, artistic, academic and recreational
  • the promotion of internationalism through cultural and other language studies

The UTS Library Program teaches the fundamentals of research and information literacy skills. The Library provides access to information technologies and integrates a teaching program to learn the skills required for completing projects and other assignments.

An internal e-mail and conferencing system provides extensive and effective communication between staff, parents and students.

UTS students have access to OISE/UT Library and information technologies, and they receive a U of T Library card for borrowing materials from the St. George campus libraries.


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