UTS Education


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  • Assessment and Evaluation - Used to assess student progress, including tests, assignments, project work, seminars and class participation.
  • OSSD - Compulsory and optional credits, community work and OSS Literacy Test.
  • Course Requirements - Courses under the Ontario Secondary School Reform (OSS) have been fully implemented throughout all grades.  Click here for a copy of the Course Calendar.
  • University Destinations and Scholarships - A pie chart that displays university destinations in percentages and data relating to the 2006 graduating class.
  • Academic Departments - A simple and complete listing of the various departments.
  • Student Resources - The Library program, Information Technology Services, Student Guidance Services.
  • Leadership - Annual Experiential Education events including: Camp Couchiching and Camp Wanakita.
  • Outreach Program - Student Outreach Program attempts to foster communication and working relationships between UTS students, staff and parents, educational and general communities.
  • Scholarships and Awards - Scholarships and prizes for academic achievements and awards for excellence, grades, subject, public speaking and other awards.
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