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Discover UTS First World War Commemorative Project

“For we know that these lads set out to war not in the spirit of ambition or glory or aggrandizement, but in the spirit of duty and devotion and self-sacrifice. And so we take heart from their valiant example, read for ourselves a lesson in their prompt response to duty’s call; and in the name of their old school say farewell to these, our own ‘old boys.’”

Headmaster H.J. Crawford

The First World War Commemorative Project was driven more than anything else by the grand memorial tablets that flank the entranceway to the Schools. Though we saw these boys' names, we knew nothing of their lives, of their stories, of their character. This project attempts to address this lack. To the left, there is an editor's introduction to this collection, speeches from the memorial service where this tablet was unveiled, and more information about the project. Below, each name is linked to what information on the boy that we could find.

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