Tuition and Fees

For the academic year 2015-16, tuition fees are $23,590 (which includes the student activity fee, course fees and outdoor experiential education trips). You can expect an annual increase between 3-4%. 

For September 2016, the enrollment fee will be $2500 for all new students (note: there will be a $500 discount for those who accept an offer in within four days of receiving it). 

Please note that there are very few additional costs beyond the purchase of textbooks. All experiential education and leadership trips, as well as participation on most teams, are included in the tuition. The exception may be trips to OFSAA as well as certain sports that have specific additional costs (e.g. alpine sports - skiing and snowboarding). In addition, while there are course-related international travel opportunities that are not included, they are optional and do not involve an entire grade.







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