PLEASE NOTE: UTS does not encourage the use of formal preparation courses or tutoring for any stage in the admission process. We encourage applicants to prepare using SSAT guidebooks, such as that sold by SSAT or in bookstores as well as the test materials below which will be helpful for Stage 2. For the interview, while it may be tempting to engage in a preparation course, research has found that there is no benefit to such interview preparation courses and they can be very expensive.

Please contact the Admission Office if you have questions about any part of the process. 

Grade 7/Foundation 1 

The information below may be useful for students planning to prepare for Stage 2. At the very least, we hope that is helps relieve some anxiety (for both parents and applicants).

Stage 2 consists of:

  1. English activity (20-minutes); math test (40-minutes)
  2. Interview (35-40 minutes)

Math Test: For information on the UTS math test, click here

English Activity:  Applicants will be asked to complete a cloze activity which aims to assess vocabulary, verb tense usage and overall reading comprehension. For a sample, click here.

Interview: The UTS interview is in the format of the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI). Each candidate visits six question stations. At each station, candidates are asked one question and they discuss their response with the interviewer at that station.

For tips on how to prepare your grade 6 child for the day of testing and interview, download here

Upper School

We invite students for interviews based on their SSAT results and report cards. Grade 9 applicants participate in the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) described above. Grade 8, 10 and 11 applicants will participate in individual interviews. 

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