How to Apply

NOTE: The online application for September 2016 entry is now closed. The online application for September 2017 entry will open early September of 2016.



  • must be legal residents of Canada (citizen or landed immigrant/permanent resident)
  • live with a parent or legal guardian (documentation required if living with a legal guardian)
  • must write the SSAT  in the grade prior to that which they are applying, e.g. write in grade 6 for grade 7 admission.



Event F1 (Grade 7) dates Upper year (Grades 9 - 11) dates
SSAT testing

Flex or Standard tests: 

Application deadline December 2, 2016

Complete Online Application

(documents not required until Stage 2) 


December 2, 2016

Complete Online Application

(Be advised that we will accept application documents
up to mid December 2016 due to late mailing of first term progress reports from some public school boards.)

Last date for SSAT testing December 3, 2016** December 10, 2016 ***
 Results of Stage 1 emailed December 23,  2016 December 23,  2016
Stage 2 January 21, 2017
(written exam and interview)
Beginning January 21, 2017
(interview only)
Offers of Admission mailed February 24, 2017 February 24, 2017
 Return of Offer March 1, 2017
by noon

March 1, 2017
by noon 

**The application deadline for Grade 7 is December 1. UTS will only accept scores for SSATs that have been written on or before December 3. (We are aware that this is after the  application deadline).

*** UTS will accept scores for SSATs for Grades 9, 10, and 11 that have been written on or before December 10. (We are aware that this is after the  application deadline).

NOTE:  Please enter University of Toronto Schools as the Designate Score Recipient when your register for the SSAT. Not doing so will result in delays and the possibly an incomplete application. UTS will not accept the applicant copy of the SSAT scores. 

Students interested in grade 8 admission should contact the Admissions Office.  

Required Documents

Applicants to grade 7 are not to submit said documents until requested (Stage 2). 

  • Proof of Canadian residency (Canadian passport, permanent resident card, etc.)
  • February and June Report cards for past grade (e.g. Grade 5 for grade 6 application)
  • Fall report card/ process report for current grade 
  • IEP and/or psychoeducational report (if available)


Along with the above documents, applicants to  Grade 9, 10,  and 11 will also have to submit completed Letters of Recommendation Forms for Math and English (link to forms will be emailed upon application). 


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