Admissions Policy and Expectations

  • University of Toronto Schools strives to ensure the best match between student candidates and the school’s vision and mission.

  • Admission decisions are based on the information gathered through the application process and an assessment of the student’s fit in relation to the school program and his or her cohort.

  • UTS requires all relevant documentation and information that will help the school to comprehensively understand each candidate’s individual learning needs in relation to the school’s unique program and resources.

  • UTS respects the confidential nature of applicant information through its practices of gathering, considering and maintaining data.

  • Applicants at each respective grade will complete a common process.

  • UTS follows a clear set of timelines through the application and enrollment process. The school respects the needs of students and families through the application and enrollment process and is clear about the time frame for acceptance of an enrollment offer.

  • In discussing UTS and making comparisons with other schools, The Director of Admissions and Admissions Officer will apply a fair set of same standards of integrity, whether talking about their own school or making comparisons with other institutions.

  • UTS requires all students to pay a deposit. All new students must pay an enrolment fee.

  • UTS recognizes that currently enrolled students may wish to consider other educational options and will strive to provide appropriate support in that process.

  • Applicants should be citizens or residents of Canada, or if in Canada on a student visa, living with their parent(s) or legal guardian. Applicants will be asked to provide proof of their arrangement.

  • UTS does not accept appeals for any admission decision.

  • UTS is committed to providing services to our students that are free of barriers and biases. The School strives to ensure that key principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity are reflected and valued in our learning environment.

    Further, we are committed to giving students with disabilities the same opportunity of access to our services in the same location and in a similar way as these services are available to other students we serve.

    In keeping with our commitment, UTS will make reasonable arrangements to accommodate students with disabilities who qualify for admission. However, their families will be required to absorb any costs related to specialized resources including, but not limited to access services, support persons, and assistive devices.


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