Admissions Process

Who Applies

UTS attracts applications from high-achieving students from many different schools across the GTA. UTS students tend to have a wide variety of interests - both academically and beyond the classroom in co-curricular activities. The majority of applicants come from publicly-funded schools, but there are also many from a range of  independent schools and Montessori programs.

NOTE: applicants should be residents or citizens of Canada. 



All applicants must take the SSAT. 

All applicants must also complete the UTS application online which will be available from September 15th to December 5 each year and for which there is a $105 fee.


NEW: Applicants will be invited to take the SSAT Character Skills Assessment (CSA):

Traits like teamwork, empathy, and integrity are a sign of values and character in action and part of what we’re looking for in your child. UTS is participating in the pilot of SSATB’s ground-breaking Character Skills Assessment (CSA). The CSA will help our admission team understand the unique values that your child will contribute to the UTS community. 

More information about the CSA is available from SSAT at: CSA-FAQ 


Grade 7 Entrance:

UTS aims to enroll 96 students for grade 7.  

Entrance to UTS for grade 7 involves two stages. Stage 1 consists of writing the Middle Level Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) and also completing and submitting a UTS application. Applicants should consult the Application Procedure instructions to ensure they meet all required deadlines and submit all required materials.  

Stage 2 asks applicants to write a math test and an English evaluation and take part in an interview. Each of these components is evaluated. Further details and samples are available here: math / English

The scores from each component (SSAT, UTS math test, UTS English evaluation and UTS interview) are combined in order to derive an overall score, called the UTS Entrance Score. The Student Questionnaire and other materials (see Procedure Sheet) are used to create a profile for each applicant.

The Admission Committee meets in mid-February to consider the UTS the applicants and to make its decisions. Applicants will be notified of a decision in accordance with the SSATB Ontario Consortium admission deadlines. 


Grade 8 Entrance:

Admission to grade 8 is extremely limited. Please be advised that UTS will not be admitting for grade 8 for the 2017-2018 school year.  If you are interested in admission at this level, please contact the Admissions Office.   


Grade 9 Entrance:

UTS aims to enroll 24-28 new grade 9 students. 

DUE to the job action by public elementary teachers, all applicants may substitute math and English recommendations with letters from coaches, tutors or other adults in their community. 

Grade 9 applicants must register for the Upper Level SSAT by the Upper School deadline. For deadlines, check here, and for further information on the SSAT, see below.The grade 9 application also requires applicants to provide a completed recommendation from both their math and English teachers. As well, applicants must submit their reports cards from February, grade 7,  June, grade 7 and November (if available) grade 8 along with psychological assessments, IEPs and other related anecdotal material. Applicant scores will be ranked in order to determine who will be invited for an interview. All interviewed applicants will be assessed based on each component of their application. 


Grades 10 and 11 Entrance:

UTS will enroll a small number of grade 10 and 11 students, based on attrition. 

Grades 10 and 11 applicants must register for the Upper Level SSAT by the Upper School deadline. For deadlines, check here, and for further information on the SSAT, see below. The grade 10 and 11 applications also require applicants to provide a completed recommendation from both their math and English teachers. As well, applicants must submit their most recent report cards from February and  June and the most recent November progress report.  Psychological assessments, IEPs and other anecdotal material will also be reviewed.

All scores and completed application packages received by the published Application Deadline (for deadlines, check here) will be ranked in order to determine who will be invited for an interview. All interviewed applicants will be assessed based on each component of their application. 

Applications for grade 10 and 11 received after the Application Deadline will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis. Admission after the deadline will be based on space availability.

SSAT - Further Information

There is a $127 US test registration fee for the SSAT. 

Candidates will usually take either a Flex Test or the Standard SSAT Test. We consider them exactly the same for the purpose of admission.

Please list UTS as the Designate Score Recipient when your register for the SSAT by typing University of Toronto Schools (note: the 4-Digit Code is 7855 but the online registration requires that you type the school name in full) . Not doing so will result in delays and the possibly an incomplete application. UTS will not accept the applicant copy of the SSAT scores.

Our SSAT cut-off marks fluctuate each year. As a result of a full review at SSAT and the creation of an entirely new set of SSAT tests for the Fall of 2012, our past cut-off ranges are no longer applicable. Please contact UTS Admissions if you have questions about this. 

For more information about SSAT scores please visit:

Test Registration and Application

Test Preparation

While UTS does not endorse any specific method of preparing for the SSAT, some preparatory work is recommended in order to ensure that the applicant is comfortable and familiar with the SSAT process, format and type of questions. Preparation options vary both in price and form. There are a variety of SSAT guides available from major bookstores, SSAT itself produces its own prep book, and there is a range of tutoring services. At this time, there is no evidence that one method is more effective than another and a great deal depends on the individual learning style of your student.

Fee Waivers for the SSAT Test
A limited number of SSAT fee waivers are available to eligible applicants through the Admissions Office. These waivers cover ONLY National and Flex tests. For additional information please contact
Kristine Maitland, the Admissions Officer, at 416-946-7995 or


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